Preparing for Advent in August

I am providing some images and devotions for an Advent Booklet that our church is preparing. Even though, its the middle of the summer, I have already begun work on it. I immediately thought of Issaiah because there are many scriptures that are applicable. In studying them I ran across these words from Chapter 11, the first verse : A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse;
from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.

The Holy Spirit then brought to mind the tree stump in our back yard. We have two large trees that give shade but have overgrown the space. Several years ago we had the trees thinned back, removing the parts that extended over the wall into our neighbor’s yard. This left a stump at the base of one of the trees. During the warm months the tree keeps sending up shoots from this stump and I have been continually trimming them back. Until this week.

I have let these shoots grow so that I can photograph them for the devotion. Once I have the images I want, I’ll resume trimming them. This incident has reminded me again about the surprising power of the Holy Spirit and being open to its prompting.

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